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NOD32 Conflicts under Ubuntu 12.04

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Installed NOD32 on a machine running Ubuntu 12.04. System threw up 4 errors re: acpi-support, acpid, anacron and apg. The errors indicated a conflict between, e.g., acpid and acpid:i386. Today, I'm getting a kernel panic and the system is unable to load ld.so and related libraries. So I am dead in the water at the moment. Need to do some serious repair. :-(

I am *know* I was running a 64bit OS. I'm pretty sure I downloaded 64bit ver. of NOD32 (will take so time to verfiy that) Assuming I wasn't quite so boneheaded, any thoughts on how to avoid a repeat of this performance? I did get the most recent version of NOD32. The notes on that version do mention Ubuntu 12.10 specifically. Does that imply it is not compatible with earlier versions? That would be an issue as I specifically want to run the LTS version of the OS.


UPDATE (3/21/14):

Managed to boot into the OS and remove NOD32. System seems to be back to normal. A little further digging through logs suggests that the issue is related to a conflict with apparmor. I can find no discussion about apparmor on the Eset site or here. Would have to believe that there is usually no issue between these two systems; certainly would expect both systems to be running on a secure machine.

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AppArmor prevents /usr/sbin/cupsd from opening /etc/ld.so.preload, which means that cupsd won't load libesets_pac and thus its file accesses won't be checked. It is conflict of security solutions which is pretty basic and it is not usually recommended to use more than one soultion at same system. It is needed to disable AppArmor to use ESET at computer with AppArmor.
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