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Hey everyone,


I never had this problem and I've been using ESET SS for a few years not but today I cannot seem to connect to Blizzards Battle.net nor to World of Warcraft without  having to disable my firewall but sometimes even that doesn't work. Its a hit or miss kind of thing.


I was wondering if this has anything to do with ESET? And if so is there any workaround I can do without having to disable my firewall?



Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Shogun,

Try switching your firewall to Interactive mode, or learning mode, and make your connection to battle.net.


Interactive will give you a pop up to allow or deny, assuming there are no rules created for the event already that block it.

Learning mode will automatically add the rules required for battle.net, then after the fact you can switch back to Automatic mode and proceed forward as previous.


If you need assistance with this just post back here, and keep us updated please. :)

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Hello mollimolar,

What component of ESET protection are you disabling, in order to regain functionality on WoW?

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