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ESET installation download very slow

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in the last few days I am migrating a couple of my systems and reinstalling Eset Internet security.

The installer of 5MB takes 5min to download. The download during installation process is equally painful.

In the past, I have noticed that even module updates take more time than usual.

I've got a very stable and high speed internet. Kindly look into this.



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On multiple installations where a slow Internet connection exists, it would be advisable to download the offline installer here:  https://support.eset.com/kb2885/ and then use that to install Eset on multiple devices.

Note that Eset no longer offers a "full" offline installer where all modules are included. The current offline installers will download the most current module updates at installation time. However these current offline installers still minimize the amount of data being downloaded in contrast to that done using the online installers.

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Thanks @itman for the response.

As I mentioned, it isn't a slow internet connection. Just as an example Windows Updates were going at close to 30Mbps.

Very often the download speed specifically to Eset servers is throttled. I don't know if they have acknowledged this before. Sometimes there are periods where it is faster but its still not consistent.

I found out when the first set of 2-3 machines where installing it. After that i'm using the offline installer.

However, the module/virus signatures updates post install were also around 120MB. It started downloading at 1MB/minute and gradually improved. it still took 45min to complete the entire update. same scenario today, since there are many more machines i'm going back to my work but the speeds were still similar.

Have a good day.


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I'd suggest contacting your local customer care in India since they should know better about the local issues, e.g. if users of a specific ISP reported issues with slow connection to ESET's servers.

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