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I have windows backup failed because lock on EFI partition.


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Windows Backup failed to get an exclusive lock on the EFI system partition (ESP). This may happen if another application is using files on the ESP. Please retry the operation.

I have to stop real time protection and than run windows backup manually and it worked.

What kind of settings I should setup in ESET File security to prevent Windows backup fail ?


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The issue will be addressed in Endpoint 7.2 which should be available later this year. Not sure if EFSW will be available as well or later in Q1/2020. Does excluding the process that performs backup help?

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Just found the solution - in ESET Exclude the following files from the real-time scanning

The number just after "HarddiskVolume" varies by environments.
To find it, execute bcdedit.exe from command prompt with administrator privilege.

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