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Question about http filtering

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I have a question about http(s) filtering. I have ESET File Security 7.1.12006.0 installed on RDS server.  I set it up so it blocks all http(s) connections "List of blocked addresses: *" and only allow specific hosts, for example "*.eset.com/*", "*.microsoft.com/*" etc.

I Noticed that ERAAgent.exe makes requests to different addresses in these ranges: 91.228.166.* and 91.228.167.*

Is this the desired behavior? If yes, can I somehow allow them safely? What I mean by that is, if I allow "91.228.166.*/*" then one could open "hxxp://91.228.166.somedomain.com" which is not good.

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A list of addresses that should be allowed on a firewall is available at


Agent must be able to connect to update servers and ESMC repository. EFSW and other security products also to the other servers listed in KB.

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I saw this page and I have already allowed


What is weird is that ERAAgent connects using IP address instead of DNS name. That's why I'm asking, is this the desired behavior? To me it looks like a "bug", because everywhere ESET uses DNS names to connect and only this one thing in ERAAgent uses IP address.

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