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ESET Product not activated

maneet kaur

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Hi all of a sudden the product for all the users is showing not activated and also somehow the user computers have gone into lost and found. I don't know why it happened. The license key has not expired either. Can it be the management centre? 


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I'd suggest contacting your local customer care to find out the cause of deactivation.

As for grouping clients, did you have them in static groups after a sync with a directory server?

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  • ESET Staff

@maneet kaur You can correct such issue by creating a dynamic group set for "product not activated" and setting up an automatic reactivation task. That will auto-correct such behavior, if it would ever happen again. But if you contact support and provide them with your PLID, we can ispect the logs on our side, and check what was the source of the deactivation. 

There are basically two "normal" ways how this could happen, besides some unexpected error in the app (but the fact it happens everywhere at once somehow reduces this probability): 

- device has not connected to ESMC for some time, and ESMC sends "deactivation request" to our licensing server (this is part of a "delete not connecting computers" server task). We had customers that created a clone of their server for testing / validation purposes, did not isolate it from the network, and it triggered such task. 

- manually from ESET License Administrator / ESET Business Account, where you can select list of devices, and click "deactivate". That would "kill the license seat" and deliver such information to the Endpoints. 

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