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What do I do with 'infected objects'

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I have checked on my Control Panel and haven't found anything which I haven't installed or I don't recognise. There area couple of items which I haven't used for some time and I have uninstalled them.

I didn't find any PUAs with uninstallers.

I have gone into Detected Threats and can see the PUAs in there. How can I uninstall or delete these and will this get my computer back to normal instead of crawl.

I have attached a screenshot of part of the Detected Threats for you to look at.



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I see now,


You are looking at old logs keep in mind, from last month and so forth.

They may have been cleaned after a reboot.


My suggestion is to get a new in-depth scan going and look at that log at the end.

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I'm sorry to keep at this but I'm at my wits end as my computer has slowed down to a crawl I think this must be because of the PUAs in Detected Threats.


I understabnd that I have no detected infections on my PC but it appears that I'm going to have to somehow clear all detedcted thrteats to get my computer back to normal.


I had a look in Win System 32 to see if any of the win32 threats were in there but couldn't find any and I'm sure just using deletion is not the answer.


Hope you can still help me.

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Hi joe47.


Yes sounds terrible, I looked through the thread but didn't see an answer. Have you runned a scan having it setup so it will automatically quarantine whatever it founds, and afterwards then you can always restore items back straight from the quarantine if you need.


But If it's not PUA's, then it could be software one or several that starts up automatically with Windows (but they don't need to) and sucks up resources. And it's possible to take care of that too. 


There could be other things causing the slowdown as well. But doing the above is a good start.

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Not sure how I set up automatic quarantine. Woukld I set up a scan with "Scan without cleaning"  enabled to do this.


If I did this would I get alerts/notifications giving options on what to do.


Because of the size of the scan It's impossible to sit through a complete scan on my PC to take action on individual items or am I travelling down the wrong track here.

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