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Change in update behavior and update to version

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I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (I know, running out of time) . . .

After booting up just now I noticed a message waiting for me on the NOD32 notification icon (orange dot). I opened NOD32 and the message said downloads for an update had been stopped at my request (or words to that effect). As far as I know I did not actively stop any downloads, but I checked for updates. Notification of system updates popped up so, I downloaded them and they installed. I got the request to restart, which I did, and now I have NOD32 version

I haven't been able to find any mention of version anywhere. I assume the release notes are coming?

This pattern of receiving messages from NOD32 that updates were stopped because I terminated the downloads just started recently on all three of our PCs. I don't recall getting these messages before. I used to get a pop up that let me know the updates were available and ready for download. But now it seems to try to update automatically without notifying me and something prevents the update. Is this a new behavior initiated by ESET or has something else changed on our PCs to cause this?


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I recall we started to update the product automatically when so-called microPCU (uPCU) updates were introduced, ie. with v10 or v11.

It's possible to choose not to update the program but that's not recommended, otherwise you will not get newer versions addressing issues or adding new features automatically.


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7 minutes ago, opti1 said:

It's dated September 5 but I can't believe I didn't see it when I posted my message above . . .

It was not visible. We released v12.2.28 earlier last week but had to pull it in order to include a workaround for an issue in Windows that reported no firewall to be installed.

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