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Hello, Eset.


Recently I discovered that my site essaysreasy.online has been blacklisted by ESET Antivirus. The contents of the site has been verified by the utility ESET Online Scanner, no viruses or other threats has been detected [please refer to the scan_log.txt].

I tried contacting samples@eset.com according to the instructions multiple times but failed to receive any response/clarification. 

Kindly assist on what do I do in order to remove my site from ESET Antivirus blacklist.




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Firstly, this forum is not meant to be a channel for disputing detections or blocks.

Secondly, we're not going to play that game. There are numerous legitimate websites that got hacked and had a link to similar websites injected without the knowledge of the owner of the website and hidden by a malicious javascript.
Also a link to it was added as a comment to blogs and articles that were not moderated and protected against spamming, e.g. like this one about mobile phones written in Czech with various English spam in comments:


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