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I want to get a program to run through the ESET program

Willis Hobbies

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I am trying to load and run  some programming software for a model railroad application and cannot figure out how to get it through the ESET program.  The program is RailProAssistantInstallerRev3.exe from https://www.ringengineering.com/RailProAssistantSoftware.htm

I have the website in the exclusion list under web access protection URL address management, and the program excluded under the Detection Engine.

The program has to go back to the website for various components and is being blocked even during installation.

I have attached a .jpg screen shot of the error message

What am I missing to get this installed and running?

RailPro error.jpg

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I'm getting the same results with and without ESET installed; the installer is stuck and the progress indicator doesn't move on. By the way, SmartScreen blocks the installer and one has to allow execution.

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