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ESET Remote Administrator API - Installed Applications Version

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For the security audit purposes we need to know if installed programs on our computers are actual and latest applications versions installed.

We found that there is report in Installed Application section in Security Management Center Web console and all installed programs are listed there, but only ESET products has Latest version numbers and Version Check Status is working and show us the ESET programs state.

Request to support if it is possible to have the same functionality for the 3th party programs was unsuccessful as ESET has no database of 3th party applications and can not handle it.

Good idea appeared to find the 3th party last versions applications database with the version numbers (yes, it exists) and load those numbers to that report through the ESET Remote Administrator API, so the  Version Check Status maybe will work and show us the status of installed software and send warnings if needed.

Does anyone have any assumptions about this and if it is possible to use this feature?

Any help will be really appreciated.

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Hello, this is currently not possible. But it might be an interesting idea to explore further. Can you drop me a private message with regards to what is the the external database, and in which format are the data provided. What I can think of, is to export the data entries out, and do the comparison in some external system. Then do dynamic group automation, to identify machines with outdated software, when DG templates would include the "latest" version numbers (but of course, it won´t be a native solution). 

But basically, you can READ via the API, you can´t write to the database using the API per my knowledge. 

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