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Thomas F.

After upgrade to v7 firewall rule blocks webconsole

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Yesterday I upgraded ESET from 6. to 7.x on our Windows Server 2012 R2 and all seemed to work well.

Today I could not connect to the web console from my Windows 10 client, it gave me a timeout. Only thing that changed besides the upgrade was a fresh installation of Dameware. So I checked all kind of things like open ports, running services etc. Locally I could reach https://localhost/era without any problems. I stopped the Dameware services, but no change.

Then I looked at the firewall settings, although we didn't touch them for years. First I didn't see it but then I could not believe my eyes.
"ESET Remote Administrator rule (Tomcat7)" was set to private and public, but not domain! All our machines are in a domain and all other rules only have domain activated. I guess that must have been changed by the upgrade because it worked for some years, until today.

Does anyone have a clue why this happened?




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First of all, we do not have any product for Windows file servers that would contain a firewall. Do you actually have the latest version of ESET File Security for Windows servers 7.1 installed on the server?

Do you have ESET Endpoint Security on clients and adjusting the firewall rule on them or pausing the firewall in EES allows you to connect to the console from a client?

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