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System Seems To Be Hacked Under While Under ESET Protection

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The issue:  Ghost account appearing in Windows 10 Pro after numerous Microsoft instructed deletion instructions. Why is ESET allowing this encroachment and not flagging it as it continues to come back on its own?

The account is removed but reappears again mostly after a shut down overnight.  I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop with Security suite installed from beginning date of use.

I also get faults alerts concerning theft protection threats which seems odd since its not gone missing.  ESET seem to think it had as it requested I confirm it was not taken. Just found that a strange behavior. 


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Couldn't it be that you enabled Anti-Theft and were testing it, e.g. by marking it as missing? In that case a phantom account would be created.

Another possibility is that an attacker connected remotely, typically via RDP and created a new user account.

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