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Uninstall ESET Agent for multiple machines


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Hi there,

I have over 100 machines with the DESlock agent installed.

All of them have been now unencrypted but the agent is still on there.

I was wondering if there was an easy way of removing the agent for all users, as currently when I try to uninstall the agent, it asks for an uninstall code for each individual machine.


Kind Regards

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  • Former ESET Employees


As you mentioned in your post the software was deployed with the Uninstall Code feature enabled, then the normal procedure to uninstall the software is to use the Remote Uninstall function found in your ESET Endpoint Encryption Server.

If an 'Optional Password' was set, and the password in question is the same for all Workstations, then the uninstall process can be automated in the form of a batch script.

The following article Shows how the software can be uninstalled via command line: http://support.deslock.com/KB288 - 'ESET Endpoint Encryption Windows Installer (MSI)'

If you require further assistance, I recommend you contact ESET Support.

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