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Full scan policy of servers

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1)What is the full scan policy of servers. 

2)When full scan will be initiate on servers.

3)When i updating modules. In scheduled tasks it shows successfully finished but alert on specific system still showing module have not been updated successfully.. 

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  • Administrators

1, Please elaborate. I was unable to find a "Full Scan" policy in ESMC. You can schedule a scan in scheduler while specifying settings and scan targets.

2,, It's up to you and how you schedule the task. If you schedule the task to run on a daily basis at 23:00, it should be run at that time.

3, One thing is running a task and another thing is if update can download module updates alright. E.g. if the used license is invalid, the task will run successfully, however, the update itself will fail due to invalid license.

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We have servers in network. I want to just ask if there is any seperate scan policy for servers only.

Other thing is. We have valid license. Modules update task is successfull but still there is alert on Cient  that modules have no been updated successfully. 

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  • ESET Staff

There is no "default" policy for servers. By default server products are behaving in a similar fashion to endpoint clients: 

  1. After installation, initial scan is launched, to scan the entire computer and build local white-list (to boost performance in subsequent scans)
  2. No other scan is configured to happen. You can configure scans by either setting up a new client task, or by scheduling a scan via policy (part scheduler, as Marcos suggested in the post above). 

Where is the alert shown? On the client, or in the management server? Some of the statuses are updated with longer delay, meaning you can have a client with latest modules, however it´s still shown as outdated on the server. Screenshot might help us to better understand the problems you are having. 

Related post: https://forum.eset.com/topic/20639-modules-not-updated/


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