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ESET not sending logs to syslog server (Solarwinds SEM)

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I have configured ESMC on a Linux server to send logs to a syslog server and no matter what settings I try, the logs are not showing up in Solarwinds SEM.  I've also set SEM to accept logs based on ESETNOD32 coming from /var/log/local4.log as well as created a second connector for logs coming from /var/log/syslog.  In ESMC I've tried IP, hostname, port 514, syslog and BSD formats, UDP and TCP.  Anything more than WARNING and logs are set to export in JSON.  I would like to confirm the settings required and then contact Solarwinds if needed.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi laents,
please review your settings with the settings highlighted in the screenshot below. Hostname can be either IP or FQDN, Verbosity at least Warning. As soon as the changes are saved ESMC sends first batch of logs.


If not resolved, please contact Business Support with ESMC logs attached.

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