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ERA6 sidebyside with ESMC

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Hey Forums,

i am planning to migrate ERA6 to ESMC on a new Server with different ip (kb)
i did similar things before but now kb says to set all clients to new ESMC first and then migrate database to new server.

i have quite a big environment and would prefer to run ERA and ESMC side by side for some weeks while switching over the clients in blocks.

Are there any thoughts why this could be a bad idea?

Thanks in advance!


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  • ESET Staff

I would recommend to check migration documentation, especially scenario with migrating to different IP address with clean database. No data is retained in this case of migration.

In short,without any details:

  1. You will install completely new ESMC server
  2. You will have to prepare new certificate and ensure that CA certificate to AGENTs connecting to old ERA/ESMC instance
  3. Create migration policy and assign it to chosen clients - policy will change hostname to which AGENT will be connecting. This enables you to perform migration only on selected devices.
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