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Motherboard is gone. Can SSD be recovered?


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Customer spilled water on laptop and it killed the motherboard. This was managed FDE from EEES. 

If this SSD is mounted to another machine can it be decrypted. The computer he was going to put it in has the same specs as the one that no longer boots up. Does ESET do a fingerprint though where it can only be decrypted with the original fingerprint? Machine ID? 

also if they tied the FDE to TPM then there is no option at all for recovery? 

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from my understanding, you have encrypted the SSD with TPM, is this true?
in this case, you need to create a recovery boot cd/usb from the Enterprise server console, then before booting from the image, you should edit the bootable media and change a certain file "dlrecvr".

Steps to solve:
1 .create bootable media:  https://support.deslock.com/Kb210
2. follow the guide in this Knowledge base article: https://support.deslock.com/kb448


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Hello @tmuster2k,


I assume the machine is not booting due to the motherboard failure. I would advise you take out the SSD and plug it into another machine as the only bootable disk and perform the recovery.

If they have used FDE with TPM, please refer to this article on how to recover the data - http://support.deslock.com/KB448 - 'Recovery on TPM systems with only UEFI boot mode'

Kind Regards

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