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ESMC and reports: can't add all items in template

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Hello guys,

We're trying to create a new template for a report (only table without graphic). We need to include the following information: user name, IP address, serial number, RAM capacity and HDD capacity in the same report.

The problem is that when you select user name, all others items disappear so you can't add serial number, RAM and so on. We can replicate this issue in three different installations including on premise and cloud. This also happens if you select others items.

Is this a bug or it's by design?

Please see this screenshot. If we select user name, then no HW inventory items are available:


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Hello. Our reporting subsystem has some limitations by design. For example all hw inventory logs are bond to a computer, not to a user, which means if there is no build in relation, they can’t be combined.

Can you provide the reasoning behind the template? We can theoretically add it, but as every such change comes at the cost of possible performance impact, we always try to understand the reasoning.



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