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HIPS Rule Wilcard


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Hello everyone,


I just want to create a HIPS rule that can block an application that running in C:\users\user\appdata. I want to deploy this configuration via ERA Policy. So I need to specify a path like C:\users\*\appdata\applicationfolder. As I see it, ESET accept only exact path while I am creating HIPS rule. Is there any solution for this?


Thank you

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Even if wildcards were supported in rules, the %APPDATA% variable wouldn't resolve as expected as it resolves to C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData for the local system account in which ekrn.exe runs.

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Hello HALO,


Instead of using ESET HIPS to prevent malware executables from being run out of the appdata directories, i would create a GPO for your users to combat this. You will have more options using windows.

If you need assistance i know the Crypto Prevention Kit has some GPO's for servers and term servers you can import with little effort.

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