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Internal Server Error when downloading Installer

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Hi guys,


I just installed the ESET VMWare Appliance. (Version 7.x) Everything works so far except for the agent download.


When I want to download the all-in-one installer, I immediately get the error message "internal server error"


Also if I want to deploy the agent via the Secure Management Center, I get the info that the task was successful, but it didn't install the agent.


I created firewall rules based on this article:



I also followed these instructions:


I was able to download the meta file, so I can connect to the repository


Do you have any idea what the problem might be?



Thanks in advance! 



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  • ESET Staff

I would recommend to check ESMC Server' trace log for more details. Internal errors can have multiple reasons, from some unexpected failure, insufficient disk space, insufficient memory (RAM) and possibly also download issues.

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It worked, thank you!


I checked the log files and the error was "failed to process HTTP request" -> it was file extension blocking in our server vlan, so .exe files were blocked.



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