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eric harless

Large local.db file

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i'm seeing large data transfer in my backup program each day for the last 8 weeks or so.

C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET File Security\local.db 


for over a month was ~5.7GB in side with no real compression or deduplication happening to it.  

All of a sudden the last 2 weeks it hsa dropped to ~69 MB

  1. I'm curious what the file contains?
  2.  Is it going to continue to grow?
  3. Can ESET provide guidance on whether I can remove it and other ESET folders from my backup selections.  I dont really see a benefit in backup for the virus definition updates or the .BAK files and temp files that it makes but I would like a list of safe to exclude file types or paths if possible. 

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Local.db is a database of scanned files, it updates dynamically. You don't need to back it up. If doesn't exist, it will be created from scratch.

The more new files are created on local disks, the more its size will grow. Mine is about 6 MB.

Is the machine used for compiling applications by a developer?

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