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Allowing a Domain

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Using ESET Mail Security for Exchange, under the AntiSpam settings, you can add a domain in the "Allowed Senders" or you can add a domain in the "Allowed Domains".  What is the difference?   Also, if I were wanting to allow any Gmail for example, would I enter "gmail" or "gmail.com"   The help file does not explain this very well.


Thank you for any assistance,


Rick Beaber


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   I appologize that you were unable to find your answers in the help file. The solution to your answer is in the text on the screen. Allowed senders is more commonly known as "whitelisting". You can add people who are sending mail or domains (as in your example with gmail). You can either add Person1@gmail.com or gmail.com (which you will want to include the .com to specify that domain exactly).


The allowed domains is in refernce to textual entries in the mail itself. The most common would be viagra.com. This entry garners a lot of spam scoring points and for companies that work directly WITH viagra.com, this would be a problem. You would use that entry to exclude that domain from gathering spam points for the reference to that domain.


This is covered more specifically in the manual in section (easily found by CTRL+F and searching for "allowed senders") under filtering.



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