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Error installing Management Agent v7 via GPO

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Hi there,

I have a new ESET Management Server v7 and I am trying to deploy Management Agent via GPO.

I have followed the instructions available at kb6864.

The GPO itself is being applied but when the computer tries to install the agent via the gpo I get an error %%1612 in Windows Event Viewer.

The Server is installed on a Windows Server 2016 and the Client is a Windows 10 Pro machine both on the same domain.


If I try to do a manual installation using the following command on a folder with the installer and the config_install.ini

msiexec /i Agent_x64msi /q

It gets installed properly.

I have tried to search the forums but I had no success.

It's my first time working with Windows Active Directory GPO so it might be something stupid :)

Can someone help figure this out?



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Ok I managed to fix it on my own.

The problem really was basic.  I had the wrong permissions (not for the computer, just the users) on the shared folder where the installer was available.


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