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WPAD (badWPAD vulnerability) should I disable or not?


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Hi I have read recently very bad things about WPAD vulnerability for example here nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/05/25/when-domain-names-attack-the-wpad-name-collision-vulnerability/ (article from 2016) or here blog.redteam.pl/2019/05/badwpad-dns-suffix-wpad-wpadblocking-com.html (article from 2019) How to defend against it? If I only use wifi only from my home network, am I also at risk? Should I disable it?

Thanks in advance

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The simplest solution for this assuming you're not using a proxy connection is to do what U.S.-CERT recommends:



US-CERT encourages users and network administrators to implement the following recommendations to provide a more secure and efficient network infrastructure:

  • Consider disabling automatic proxy discovery/configuration in browsers and operating systems unless those systems will only be used on internal networks.


In Win 10, turn off all proxy settings as shown in the below screen shot:


As far as browsers go, almost all are set by default to use OS proxy settings.

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