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Error code MSI . 1923 . Install failed!

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Please carry on as follows:
- run a full disk scan with ESET Online Scanner (https://www.eset.com/int/home/online-scanner/)
- if malware is detected and cleaned, reboot the machine after the scan
- install ESET

Should installation fail, collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here.

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Done full scan, it found some threats and resolved them. Then I restarted my laptop. On installing antivirus, again same error is coming. Attaching logs..


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Please run a scan with ESET SysRescue. It should detect and clean at least the following file:

Symantec     clean
ESET Win32/Kryptik.GVJP trojan
Microsoft    clean
Avira        clean
Avast        Win32:TrojanX-gen [Trj]
DrWeb        clean
Bitdefender  clean
Kaspersky    clean
McAfee       clean

After the scan, also move the following files to a new folder, e.g. c:\esetfiles. One of the tasks downloads the above malware from a url already blocked by ESET. After booting to Windows compress the files, encrypt the archive with the password "infected" and submit it to samples[at]eset.com:

c:\users\abhi\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\ctjehjtf\itvejbhw.exe (probably doesn't exist any more)
c:\windows\system32\tasks\Opera scheduled Autoupdate 2494982603


Also I see you have there a leftover after Avast which should be removed:
c:\windows\system32\tasks\Avast Software\Overseer

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I had this exact issue and in my case after trying multiple recommended fixes. I found that I had Windows update pending (1309) to be installed. Which was causing the MSI.1923 error. Once I updated, I was able to install Eset.

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