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Mails get marked as spam


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we recently switched to ESET and currently we're struggling with the Email-Protection within the ESET Endpoint Protection.

I've enabled the global whitelist and filled it with a few email-addresses that shall never be marked as spam (as they are from the customer itself),
but somehow mails sent from e.g. admin@customer1.com still get marked as spam.

I've checked if the configuration was applied correctly to the clients, which was the case.
I already deleted the policy and created a new one.
I've set the policy to "force settings" but this doesn't change a thing either.
I've double-checked that the addresses added to the whitelist have the box for "whole domain" checked

I feel like the spam-filter ignores that I've set the whole domain to be white listed.

Anyone here experiencing something comparable? 


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Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector from such client as well as an example of an email incorrectly evaluated as spam. You can drop me a private message with the files attached.

Also I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local customer care so that the case is properly tracked.

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