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Eset Icon Missing In System Tray (It is not hidden)

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Hi Eset

Since the current update, which I have recently completed, I have noticed that the E icon is missing in the System Tray. My first thought was to check the hidden icons but it is not listed in that group - It simply does not load this icon at start-up but the good thing is that Eset is running.

Is there something I can do, as in registry setting etc which will show this icon again? Installing again has not changed this outcome.

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Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector and a Procmon boot log for a start. For instructions, please refer to the FAQ section on the right-hand side of this forum.

I'd suggest opening a support ticket with your local customer care and providing them with the above mentioned logs as well.

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Hi Marcos

All is fine now.

I'm not sure what caused it but when I started my PC 2 days later the icon had loaded and I have randomly turned off the PC and started again with no further problems.

Maybe I should have waited a few days before posting but on the other hand the problem could have remained.

What I will do is that if it does it again I will raise a new post and add the logs to what you refer to in your post.


Thank you.


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