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Eset Endpoint Install disables Network Adapter (Win 7)


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good morning guys. Im doing a deployment on the office

 ESET Endpoint Security 7.1.2053.

On Windows 10 machines there is no problems, but on some win 7 x64 sp2 machines it disables my network adapter. Its like the cable is unplugged but under control panel still available just no network connections. Under ESET on advanced setup - network adapters doesn't show anything like if there is no network adapter. Then if I uninstall ESET then the network adapter start working again. tried playing with firewall, disabled everything and the only way is uninstall. anyone ever experience this ?

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I'd suggest you try the following:
- temporarily disable self-defense and reboot the machine
- uninstall the ESET Firewall driver in your Local area connection properties and reboot the machine
- image.png

- check if you can access the Internet
- click Install -> Service -> Have a disk, browse to "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\Drivers\epfwlwf" and install it.


- check if the issue has been resolved
- finally re-enable Self-defense and reboot the machine

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