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Eset Endpoint Security 7.1.2053 BUGS


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I found two bugs in latest version Eset Endpoint Security 7.1.2053.

1. EVERY TIME I launch a full scan via GUI, it shows me a small message in the blue window: "Scanning will take some time and bla-bla-bla." Very annoying. Please remove this blue message window or give users the option to disable it.

2: I store the license file (* .lf) and the configuration file (* .xml) in a separate folder on the "F" drive. I can't tell when exactly this happened. When I activated the EES via * .lf file or when I added my settings via * .xml file. After that, the EES created in my folder on the disk "F" a file called "NOTICE_mod". You did not have the right to do this. This is not a system disk. Why are you "littering" in my personal files? Please FIX this.

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1, This is not a bug but a new intentionally added feature. We understand that not all users will like changes made in the software. It's like with any other software or operating system;  some will like certain changes, some not. It's not possible to make everybody satisfied.
I've reported it as a wish for future versions that the notification appears only once after installation.

2, I've activated Endpoint using an offline license file (lf) on drive X but no other file was created there.  NOTICE_mod should be created only in the modules folder, ie. "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\NOTICE_mod"

Couldn't it be that you set a specific folder on drive F: for application's data during installation and this file was created in it?

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