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I have a big job coming up on Monday, and would like the most help possible to ensure client satisfaction. :)


x74 workstations are getting Endpoint AV

x5 servers are getting File Security

x1 ERA no doubt


The rip part is going to be dealing with AVG Free edition or maybe the paid version since its a company.

This client does not have SCCM. Does not have PDQDeploy or similar.

Server 2003, win7Pro clients, some XP lingering.


Suggestions on removing AVG ? AVGUninstaller ? ESETUninstaller ?

Use AD, or Email for removal ? Deploy msi or exe through Group Policy ?


After AVG complete removal, any other pre-req tasks ?

After ERA Install, is the recommended option for deployment Push Install after finding all workstations in the Remote Tab ?

Anyone comment or have experience with GP Install or sending through email ? Login script install ?


Thanks for any suggestions from Forum members, and i welcome any guidance from ESET Staff.


I have already arranged through my sales engineer to setup a time window for having phone support ready to go should i require assistance. :)


Thanks in advance.

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Well, i deployed on my own just fine.


Thanks anyway. :)


Henry from Customer Care helped me out with policy and update settings, which i had totally forgot about.

Kudos to Henry

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