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ESET GUI & Proxy Service Not Stable to Working?

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Dear All,

This morning after login my computer then after several minutes I didn't found the Eset icon in taskbar as usual, then I check it in the Task Manager also nothing loading only 3 ESET Command Line Interface & 1 ESET Service, after several minute nothing change in the Task Manager as per screen shot, after I reboot the ESET Main GUI appear in the Taskbar and in the Task Manager.

Please advise how to make the stability ESET Service & ESET Main GUI/Icon working at all.

Awaiting the advise.

Thanks & B/regards,

ESET Seemslike file to upload.jpg

ESET Filed to Process.jpg

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24 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Are you able to reproduce it whenever you reboot or turn on the computer?

Dear Marcos,

For me its difficult to reproduce when the computer boot it

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