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Please help


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Hello everyone;


My topic might be repetitious! I'm sorry about it. But please help me.


I bought the last version of Eset NOD32 Antivirus online. After the website sent me the link of download and also username and password, I tried 100 times to install it but each time it shows different messages including, another program uninstalled without rebooting...., The program didn't install properly and it is rolling back and something like these. However, it was unsuccessful. 


I am using a laptop and I have already uninstalled all other antiviruses and windows defender as well.


Pleeeeeeaaasssssse Help...



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My recommendation is to Download the ESET Uninstaller tool, and restart your system in safe mode, then run the uninstaller with admin privileges.

See here: link

It also detects other AV's and traces left.

After everything is gone, restart in normal mode and retry the installation.

If you are installing a home edition of ESET use these packages since you are having troubles: ESET Installers

Version 7 is the most recommended.

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