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saveinsshop chrome extension

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I am unable to remove this extension in google chrome.  I can remove it from the extensions list for the current session, however upon quitting and restarting chrome it reinstalls and reactivates itself. (The extension title spelling is correct including the double 's').


It's currently on my father's machine and I was unable to attempt a reinstallation of chrome at the time.  


I am also unable to locate any information regarding this type of adware and various products ranging from Spybot S&D, AdAware, Eset, trendmicro, and Bitdefender were unable to detect this as adware or as potentially undesirable.


What it does is monitors the sites you visit watching for purchasing activity and then proceeds to display popups covering the items you're viewing offering links to alternative sites to purchase from.  Sites range from Amazon to the Antivirus/malware sites I was visiting to research/remove this item.


Detection and removal would be most helpful. Thanks a ton.



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The file is not detected at the moment but is subject to further examination. If it meets criteria for potentially unwanted or unsafe applications, it may be detected accordingly.

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