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EFSL can't start the ICAP

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Hi everyone,

as we meet the RC of the EFSL I want to check if everything is working but I have an issue with starting the ICAP remote scanning.

The option is enabled in settings but I still got info the I can enable it (see screenshots).

On the start of efs demon, I got an error with loading some missing files. Do I need to meet some requirements?




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  • ESET Staff


It's a bug which happens in case of update from Beta 3 to RC build. If you'd install that as clean install (uninstall and then re-install) it should work fine. Please note, that Release version will be different than RC with some bugs fixed. 

Sorry for inconveniences

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yum remove efs

and reboot I install efs again and now the start of efs end with errors (see attachment).




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  • ESET Staff

I'm sorry, I haven't provided you all the information. do this:

  • yum remove efs
  • userdel eset-efs-icap
  • groupdel eset-efs-daemons

then install again. It's underlaying behavior of this bug which will be fixed in release version.

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