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Fedon Kadifeli

NOD32 does not scan files in "Network drives"

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I installed ESET NOD32 to a Windows 10 VirtualBox 6.0.6 guest machine. The update is complete and its latest version ( is running. I am able to manually scan the local Windows drive (C :) without any problems. But, I cannot scan a drive, say H:, that is mapped to my host's (Ubuntu 19.04) home folder (/home/my_user) which is defined as a "shared folder" in VirtualBox: The scan completes immediately with 0 scanned objects. Here is the scan log:

Scan Log
Version of detection engine: 19645 (20190707)
Date: 07/07/2019  Time: 1:42:37 PM
Scanned disks, folders and files: H:\
Number of scanned objects: 0
Number of detections: 0
Time of completion: 1:42:37 PM  Total scanning time: 0 sec (00:00:00)

I have tried other shared folders (smaller and larger) with read-only permissions or full permissions. I even tried to scan directly a sub-folder of a mapped shared folder (like: H:\Documents) and I got the same result:

Scan Log
Version of detection engine: 19673 (20190712)
Date: 12/07/2019  Time: 11:00:41 AM
Scanned disks, folders and files: H:\Documents
Number of scanned objects: 0
Number of detections: 0
Time of completion: 11:00:41 AM  Total scanning time: 0 sec (00:00:00)

The scan always completes with zero scanned objects, even though there are plenty of ordinary files in the shared folder.

I assume that these drives should be treated as Network drives by NOD32, which is an enabled option in NOD32 Setup.

Please note that, other applications in the guest (Windows 10) machine can access the files and sub-folders on the drive(s) mapped to the shared folder(s) and this is not a permission problem.

Please also note that, when I select Custom Scan and then go to one of the shared folder's drive, select some files from a (sub)folder, then NOD32 can scan those specific files. The problem is that NOD32 cannot "find" files in selected folders. In other words, NOD32 seems not be able to get the list of files in such "network" drives.

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