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Disable Rogue Agent+LDAP

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I have two questions:

1) we have installed ESMC server on Win2019 Std. We manage about 300PC in different network subnets. We would need to disable the Rogue service on the ESMC server because it is constantly finding devices (printers, scanners, etc.) that we don't need to display as "Found Devices" in Dashbord.
Is this setting possible? I tried to apply Rogue policy, I entered a range in the address filter in which the ESMC server ( is as excluded, I assigned it to the server where ESMC is installed, but without result.

2) when I try to map a security group from AD (for ESMC administration), I get an error message: DATA FALSE:: ERROR MESSAGE: LISTDOMAINGROUPS: NETQUERYDISPLAYINFORMATION FAILED WITH 0X1F, REPEAT
Everything is configured correctly (AD controller, credentials).At the same time we use the task of "Static group synchronization" and it works ok. Therefore, I do not assume a configuration error (e.g. bad login, etc.)

Thank you.



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