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How to enable Gamer Mode when game executed in windowed mode?

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Gamer Mode is automatically enabled when a program runs in fullscreen mode.

But I can't run my game in fullscreen mode because It crashes with Discord when fullscreened.


In Gamer Mode, ESET Internet Security won't function well, so I want my ESET Internet Security automatically goes to Gamer Mode even if my game runs in windowed mode.


I've tried to use Windows' native function, Task Scheduler but It didn't work well because it doesn't have functionality to detect program run. My plan was 'ecmd.exe /setfeature gamer enable' command run when my game process  (TheDivision2.exe) executed.


How can you deal with this situation?

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It's only possible to enable presentation mode automatically while an application is running in full screen mode.

What issues are you having while playing games in a window without gamer mode activated?

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