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Time For Eset To Issue A-V Comparatives Realtime Test Transparency Reports


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For some time, there have been forum postings regarding Eset's scoring in this test series. This has resulted in long and oftentimes mindless discussions on this issue. I am sure Eset has better use for its forum disk space.


Microsoft a while back adopted the use of published AV lab "transparency" reports to respond to its scoring in select AV lab tests. Their reports reflect typical Microsoft verbose detailing as only a concern with the resources it has to allocate to such an undertaking. Here's an example of a transparency report: https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RE27O5A?ocid=cx-docs-avreports .

I think it would be sufficient that Eset's report simply state the samples missed along with a brief explanation as to the cause for non-detection and corrective action implemented. Of course, there should be verbiage provided if Eset disputed the AV lab non-detection finding.  

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