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BlueKepp - apply windows patch is enough?

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Hi, I recently read about the problem which is BlueKepp, the system itself has been updated (I have Win7) but in many places there is a advise: "Disable Remote Desktop Protocol" tip. In this tab I have checked "Do not Allow Connections to This Computer", should I also check "Allow remote assistance connections to this computer", or leave unchecked? Only Windows update is enough to protect me from BlueKeep? I attached screen of my settings.


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Since Remote Assistance utilizes RDP, it should be disabled to prevent exploitation of RDP on unpatched computers. Perhaps the easiest would be to disable the Remote Desktop Services service in services.msc.

If you need to use RDP in your local network, install the security patches. ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium as well as all v7 business products can prevent exploitation of unpatched computers as well, however, it's recommended to not delay installation of critical security patches.

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