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A few questions and a few things I already like...

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Hey guys I have a few questions:


  1. The licensing part:  Does existing users get discounts when they buy a new license when their current runs out?
  2. Is there a part on the eset website where you can control settings, run updates, and run scans on other devices if their on your account (and remotely)?
  3. Does eset have a VPN, and if so, is it any good?
  4. What is the real difference between total security (or premium if I remember correctly) and the internet security?
  5. How often are the updates for the software?
  6. How often are the updates for the virus definitions?
  7. What country is the eset HQ in?


A few things that I already like:

  1. Your software on my PC (internet security) runs awesomely on my computer, it's much lighter than kaspersky.
  2. Scan's are faster than kaspersky's.
  3. From how I have seen so far the mods and admins are not rude to customers, which is nice.  Kaspersky is expectantly after telling them what you think about their tech support.
  4. Parental control works way better than kasperskys even with a VPN on.
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1, A license renewal is cheaper than a new license. However, in some countries distributors sell packages covering several devices and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android) which are sold for a lower price but can't be renewed; a new license has to be purchased when the previous one runs out to my best knowledge.

2, Through the portal my.eset.com you can control Anti-Theft and manage licenses. Also we have a Parental Control web portal for managing Parental Control for Android. Other than that, products for consumers cannot be managed through the web.

3, No, ESET does not offer VPN.

4, ESET Smart Security Premium is basically ESET Internet Security with disk encryption and password manager added.

5, ESET's products are primarily updated via modules which can bring improvements, fix issues, etc. Several times a year we also release program updates that are typically very small and are seamlessly installed in the background automatically. Currently we have v12.2 in testing which will become final soon and will be distributed to users gradually.

6, We release approx. 6 main module updates on a daily basis. Then there are streamed updates that are downloaded every few minutes as well as LiveGrid live checks for a quick response to new threats.

7, ESET HQ is located in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic with its branch offices and partners all around the world (https://www.eset.com/int/about/contact/).


As for your comment "Parental control works way better than kasperskys", I wonder if you could create a new topic in the appropriate forum and provide more details on the issues that you've run into. We listen to our users and strive for tailoring our products to your needs so any constructive feedback is appreciated.



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Thank you for your fast reply, yes I would like to do that, I had been using kaspersky for 9 to 10 years, before I decided to leave them behind and change to eset, so far the trial is going well.

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2 hours ago, BeanSlappers said:

I would like to see more control for users for the firewall.

In each product forum there is a topic "Future changes..." towards the top where users can can post their suggestions, what they are missing in our products, etc. These are monitored and considered when deciding about the scope for newer versions. It seems you have already found it and posted there.

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