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chrome.exe - Powelix malware or nothing to worry about?


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Hi, I'd like to ask about the chrome.exe  process that is multiplied in Processes section in my Windows Task Manager any time I start Chrome.

I read on the Internet that it may be a malware/virus, the one called Powelix, which is about to start many unwanted ads on visited websites.

I'm not sure if it's malware since my PC works properly, I checked it now with NOD32, detection engine 19548 - no viruses found.

When I start Chrome and open 4 different tabs, I see 14 processes, all named chrome.exe. With a single Chrome tab in open, I see 8 processes chrome.exe.

Not sure if it's something wrong or it's a normal behaviour of Chrome, since after I checked the file location for every of these chrome.exe processes, they all lead to the same file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application.

system Windows7 64bit

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This behavior is normal. If you press Shift+Esc in Chrome, the Chrome task manager will open. It shows more processes than the number of open tabs, however the number of the processes is not exactly same as the number of processes seen in the system Task manager.

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