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I set the verbosity to error but I get many email notifications such as Server not found, Error initializing ESHASRV service, Error allocating memory, General compiler error, Cannot establish connection to antispam cloud, antispam is not fully functional and etc.

From those error notifications I want to select which type of notifications to receive (for example only the threat ones.)

Is there a way to achieve that?





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Honestly, it surprises me that you don't want to be notified about errors but want to be notified about threats. The thing is almost all the above mentioned errors may indicate an issue with protection and as a result the machine can get infected. Hence the question why not to be notified in advance about potential issues to prevent infection.

If you want to be notified about unresolved threats and not get any notifications about errors, change the minimum verbosity (well, actually it's rather severity) to critical.

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