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Change log level on MDMCore/MultiAgent/Programlogs/trace.log

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Hi all,
Please help me about how can i change the c:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\MDMCore\Data\MultiAgent\(IPv6Adress)\ProgramLogs\trace.log logging level. As is see it's in trace log level, but I need to change it to warning level.

In the ERA web console I set everything to Warning ( Server Setting-> Advanced -> Trace log verbosity=Warning; MDC Base client policy -> Trace log verbosity=Warning)

My problem is that I have more than 800 Android client and this trace log is killing my Storage system because of the too high disk IOPS.

I attach one kind of this log file and an image of my server disk activity, and versions that I use.




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  • ESET Staff


MultiAgent(s) trace log verbosity is determined by MDMCore trace log verbosity.


It's also possible support directed You to create traceAll file which overrides this configuration (so just delete it)

As a sidenote (and possibly solution) there was issue with ScanLog processing which produces periodically multiple errors inside MultiAgent logs, this is fixed in service release - AFAIK this was released into repository so You can upgrade via component upgrade task.


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