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Linux OS for a new user

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Hello users,

This question may be offtopic here, but i need your kind suggestions. I am now going to reinstall an operating system in my computer.
I had Windows 10 earlier. Now I am thinking to use Linux. I have not used it before so I have a few doubts.

Will it be difficult to use and understand Linux?
Will Linux be faster than Winodows 10?

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It will be a learning experience but one that will be more rewarding.  Linux requires that you know more of the mechanics of an operating system but, if and when things go wrong, you will be in more of a position to fix your own problems. 


Linux should run faster and more efficiently. Certainly virtual machines will run better/faster using KVM/QEMU.

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Hello Hpoonis,

Thanks for your quick reply. You solved my problem. i got it

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