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Requesting Advice on mirror repository

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As there are a few systems on the lan that doesn't access the Internet; but must have an AV installed, I had set up a mirror repository previously but due to the system responsible for the repository going belly up, I need to set up a new system.  The previous system was based on 6.x.

I've looked at the KB and have gotten quite confused with how to set up this mirror repository.

As I understand it, I need to :

  1. create a  mirror repository
    1. have an offline file in this mirror dir; but the issue is what kind of offline license file is it supposed to be if I need both Endpoint AV and File Security updates?  Would it be a "Local Cache" license key?  If so, do I specify the # of systems that update from it or can I just have everyone point to that server?
  2. in the ESMC server, I set up policies to have the clients point to the update server's mirror.
    1. But where does the Apache HTTP Proxy come in?   While I believe it replaces the need for the ESMC to 'serve' the repository, it's still on the same system, so I don't quite get this.

What is the 'right' way of setting up this? 



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