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false positive - cannot reach you


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i have opened this topic: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1965-false-positive-couldnt-reach-yoy-by-e-mail/      a few days ago, you answered me and locked to topic right away.

as i wrote in the title of the topic i have tried to reach ESET by mail through samples@eset.com but you don't answer there - at all. i have sent at least 6 e-mails in the last two months and no one is answering, replying, say something.


how can i solve this matter?

first, i don't understand why you detect us as PUA and second - you have said that the user has the option to install my software but actually, he doesn't, and i have screenshots attached showing that even when you choose ignoring your detection it still doesn't work.



thank you in advance for the reply, i really want to solve things out :)










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We have already replied that the application is correctly classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). PUA detection is fully optional and it's at users' discretion whether they want to have them detected or not.

Every user can form  their own opinion on this software by searching for posts where users expressed their experience with iLivid.

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