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ESET File Security not updating automatically

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I am an IT consultant and I monitor numerous customer servers, many of which are installed with ESET File Security. A handful (about 8 at this point) of these servers do not update automatically. I can log in to the server, go into the ESET interface, and tell it to update, and it updates fine.

I have checked the scheduled tasks, and all these servers have the default automatic update tasks that are supposed to run every 60 minutes. The logs don't show any issues that I can see, but maybe there are more/better logs than just the "Logs" section of the ESET interface.

This appears to be restricted to versions of File Server version 6 or greater; I have some version 6 and 7 servers with this issue.

This mainly happens on Server 2016, but i also have one Server 2008 R2 machine doing this.

Anyone know anything about this or have ideas for fixing this? Thanks!

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If the computer is managed by ESMC, try temporarily stopping the ESMC Agent service (Sef-defense must be disabled) to prevent policies from being applied. Then try unistalling EFSW and installing it from scratch to ensure that scheduled tasks have correct IDs.

Should the problem persist, please open a support ticket for customer care and provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector for a start.

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