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False positive - couldn't reach yoy by e-mail


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fmy name is Adi.  I work for iLivid (hxxp: //www.ilivid.com/) as a member of the Reputation and Compliance Team.


Our product offers customers the very best way to download videos from popular online video and file hosting sites all across the internet. 

A scan of our product on your site revealed one of our files have been marked as a variant of Win32/iLivid.A. This is the file:


hxxp:/ /download.ilivid.com/iLividSetup.exe

Can you please explain how our file ended up on this list? 

More than that, we found out that if a user trying to install our product, you don’t let him do it even if he chooses to ignore your suggestion.



our reputation is extremely important to us, as is the confidence of our users in our product.  Every time a file of ours ends up on such a list it impacts our product.


We would like to have our file deleted from your lists.  Please respond as soon as possible so we can discuss the matter.



Thank you for your cooperation, 


Reputation and Compliance Team 

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The application is detected as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). This detection is optional and it's at users' discretion if they want to have this kind of applications detected or not. Even with PUA detection enabled, it's possible to exclude particular files from detection.


The only communication channel for disputing detections is samples[at]eset.com. Having said that, we'll draw this thread to a close.

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