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Huge memory usage of ekrn.exe process

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Our Customer using EEPA 400 users license and facing issue huge memory usage of ekrn.exe process in ESET File Security.

Approx. 15-16 GB memory consumption by ekrn.exe process and also pause all ESET Protection one-by-one, but same issue.


ESET Product : ESET File Security v.7.0.12018.0

Operating System : Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2


 I have collected Procmon and ESET Log Collector logs and uploaded here.




So please check issue and do needful as soon.

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Having almost the exact same issue!

We have a case open with ESET but in the meantime we downgraded to version 6.5 because it was causing so many issues on our PROD SQL server.

(I also have a post here)

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Hello guys,

can you please check if the issue persists as we fixed few memory leaks in modules, which are currently available on the pre-release update channel so please switch to it, update, reboot the system and observe the situation.

In case the issue persist, just let us know, so we can troubleshoot it with you.

Regards, Peter

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info about pre-release added.
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Modules are independent of new installers (for instance, consumer products come without modules bundled and they are downloaded after activation). We're gonna start releasing the Antivirus and antispyware module 1553 gradually to all users soon, probably within this week.

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Hi Marcos,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Assuming we are running our own ESMC on site, will it get those modules updates from ESET automatically?

Once it does, will it push it to the clients? or do we need to initiate a module update?



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Module updates are fully automatic. Once released, clients will get it automatically without your intervention.

Since it will be released in batches, it may happen that some clients will get it a bit earlier than the others.

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